Dr. Hiremath
Founder of Trust

Vision / Mission
“to develop students with goodvalue system to face challenges of todays continuously changing world”.


A/C # 31589001457
State Bank of India
IFS Code : SBIN 0007346


Trust details: This trust is in name late Virupakshaswamy Hiremath who served as eminent lawyer for 50 yrs helping for poor publics regarding their aspirations of their cases and also helping social obligations in entire district. So, keeping his determination of work I Dr R.V.hiremath a renowed medical practitioner made my mind set to do some social services for benefit of poor ones. Motive and motto: our main aim is to carry out community development programme and to encourage art and cultural activity, also carry out activities to full fill the basic need for the less fortune people of the society in entire Karnataka Our motto is “Help our organization so that we determine our self to dedicate for less fortune people” Location: as of our building is not yet constructed because of not having sufficient fund & we have started registered small offices it is situated in heart of the city as a centre of trust and doing all other needful and helpful activities for the people. Projected Aim: as soon as we get sufficient funds we shall purchase suitable land which will be granted by the authority of Karnataka urban development muda v shall start institutions hospitals old age homes handicapped and mental disorder care centre, orphan care centre, education institutions of art and culture for the welfare of women organization and maintain computer training centers for poor students and to acquire and maintain good library for the benefit of poor students etc.

Late Sri. Virupaksha Swamy Hiremath  Advocate

Services Offered

   • Mass Marriage Programs

   • Medical Camps

   • Animal Care Centre

   • Future Projects
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